Young Adults (Ages 18 - 22 & Articling Students)

The New York Times  recently wrote - “These days, so much importance is placed on how to get ahead through ones education and vocational skills, manners are often set aside in the name of competition and success. This trend, however has made us realize that no matter how qualified you are, the lack of soft skills can undercut everything”.

Distinguish yourself from the crowd. Give yourself the edge that will make the difference between you and others with similar qualities. Our training at the Nancy Kosik Academy of International Protocol and Etiquette transforms the lives of young adults and provides them with skills they can implement immediately to help project confidence and authority.

“The simple virtues of willingness and courtesy will carry a man further than mere smartness”  - Davidson

Through NKAIPE's interactive etiquette and protocol workshops, participants are taught effective self-presentation skills that will help them maneuver in numerous situations they will undoubtably face in both the social and corporate arenas. Participants come to realize that these are the building blocks to creating positive first and lasting impressions, good relationships, and are crucial ingredients in developing leadership qualities for later career and personal success.

The Nancy Kosik Academy of International Protocol and Etiquette curriculum is in harmony with the growing emphasis on building self-confidence and character within young adults. NKAIPE’s seminars will effect all aspects of their lives, both socially and professionally.

“When it comes to protocol, those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter” - Bernard Baruch

Share an educational alliance dedicated to promoting civility and success.