Teen Social Etiquette & Protocol Training

Ages 13-17

Conversational Skills
Communication Skills (Telephone & Email)
Communication Related to Individuals with Special Needs
Invitations and Replies
The Elements of Handshaking
Giving and Responding to Introductions
Body Language, Gestures and Posture
Day to Day Manners and Social Skills: Traditional and Modern for Young Men and Women
Protocol related to Special Events: Traveling, Museums, Restaurants etc...
Single and Dating Scenarios
The Extended Family
Our Goal: To instill Self-Respect . Confidence . Respect for Others

Teen Corporate Etiquette & Protocol Training

"Entering the Workforce"
Ages 13-17

Business Cards
Electronic Communications
Making an Entrance and Working a Room
Eye Signal
Standing in Business
Giving and Responding to Introductions
Receiving lines for Special Events
Remembering Names
Preparation of Curriculum Vitae
Preparing for an Interview and Ways to Place Yourself "in the Drivers Seat"
Job Interviews: Appropriate Topics and Conversational Skills
Your Presence
Corporate Gift Giving and Receiving

Teen Dining Etiquette Training

Ages 13-17

(Information on Social and Corporate available)
Posture & Excusing Yourself
Order of Servings
Silent Service Code
Invitations and Replies
Restaurant Dining Do’s & Don’ts
Dining Do’s and Don’ts
Place Settings
Silverware Savvy & Stemware
Napkin Etiquette
Eating Styles for VariousFoods
International Eating Styles
Forms of Servicing Oneself or Others

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A fine compliment and the "perfect marriage" to your etiquette and protocol training. Enhance your etiquette skills through experiencing expert training on the fine details of body language, communication, public speaking, voice training and more.  Bring your self-presentation skills to a whole other level!