Teens (Ages 13 - 17)

“…today's youth are tomorrow's leaders”

NKAIPE training transforms the lives of young people. Through our etiquette and protocol seminars students are taught politeness and sensitivity towards others. They also come to realize that these are the building blocks of good relationships and are crucial ingredients of later career success. Understanding the importance of refining interpersonal skills is what sets our students apart from others.

The Nancy Kosik Academy of International Protocol and Etiquette curriculum is in harmony with the growing emphasis on building self-confidence and character in today's youth, coupled with parent's desires for their children to be vibrant and have a positive impact on their community. Our seminars and workshops were also created to impact the business readiness of teenagers, preparing them or their transition while entering the workforce.

Students who have participated in NKAIPE’s seminars and workshops are more attentive to their surroundings than ever before. Over the years, research has proven that teenagers have grown and thrived under programs such as those offered at the Nancy Kosik Academy of International Protocol and Etiquette.

NKAIPE graduates bring forth good manners and leadership qualities that will effect all aspects of their lives, social and professional.

Share an educational alliance dedicated to promoting civility. As the saying goes, “…all gems need to be perfectly polished”.