Biography: Nancy Kosik

Nancy Kosik is the director and founder of the Nancy Kosik Academy of International Protocol and Etiquette (NKAIPE).

Ms. Kosik launched this exciting venture following a successful career in the corporate world. As a controller for several Canadian companies, her mandates encompassed internal restructuring, human resources and finances. Ms. Kosik's extensive dealings with executives and employees of all levels honed her skills as an effective communicator, and bestowed her with a keen understanding of interpersonal relations in corporate and social situations.

Upon completion of an intensive course of trainings in Washington D.C. (U.S.), London, England (U.K.), and in Canada, Ms. Kosik earned her certification as an Etiquette and Protocol Consultant and Facilitator.

As a recognized etiquette and protocol expert, Nancy Kosik has provided "on the air" advice to the public through institutions such as, Global Television, CBC Radio, CJAD Radio, Readers Digest Magazine, The Gazette Newspaper, the Ottawa Citizen, and other media corporations and university papers. Ms. Kosik conducts numerous dynamic seminars and workshops in corporate, academic and organizational settings across Canada and worldwide. She also provides personalized group and private instruction to individuals of all ages.

Ms. Kosik is also a certified Protocol Officer, entrusted with ensuring that the appropriate customs and courtesies are extended, and the rules of protocol are applied with utmost attention and care for special events, galas, conferences, and visits by dignitaries.

Nancy Kosik has earned a reputation as one of Canada's foremost authorities on etiquette and protocol. Under her personal direction, the Nancy Kosik Academy of International Protocol and Etiquette is regarded as this country's premiere provider of top-notch etiquette training and protocol officer consultation services.