Corporate Etiquette & Protocol Training

(Information on International Corporate Etiquette and Protocol Training Available)

Business Cards
Making an Entrance and Working a Room
Eye Signals
Standing in Business
Making and Responding to Introductions
Honorifics and Rank
Remembering Names
Receiving Lines for Corp. Events
Invitations and Replies related to Corp. Entertaining
Host and Guest Duties related to Corp. Entertaining
Your Presence
Corporate Gift Giving
Preparation of Curriculum Vitae
Preparing for an Interview and Ways to Place Yourself "in the Drivers Seat"
Giving and Receiving Job Interviews
Electronic and Telephone Communication (incl. email)
Corp Guide for International Cultures

Dining Etiquette Training (American and Continental Styles)

"Outclass the Competition"
(Information on International Dining Etiquette offered upon request)

Posture & Excusing Yourself
Order of Servings
Silent Service Code
Host and Guest Duties: Restaurant Entertainment
Host and Guest Duties: Entertaining at Home
Invitations and Replies
Receiving Lines
Restaurant Dining Do’s & Don’ts
Dining Do’s and Don’ts
Place settings
Silverware Savvy & Stemware
Napkin Etiquette
Toasting - Host and Guest Duties
Eating Styles for Various foods
Wine Etiquette
International Eating Styles
Forms of Servicing Oneself or Others
Dealing with Mishaps
Etiquette for Cocktail Parties and Buffets

Inquire about our Specialized Sessions.
A fine compliment and the "perfect marriage" to your etiquette and protocol training. Enhance your etiquette skills through experiencing expert training on the fine details of body language, communication, public speaking, voice training and more.  Bring your self-presentation skills to a whole other level!

Who Should Attend

Senior Executives
Junior Executives
Administrative Assistants
Sales Representatives
Self Employed Individuals
Corporations with Multiple Employees
People dealing with Company Clientele
Individuals in a Supervisory Position
Companies dealing Abroad
Financial Institution Managers and Employees
Modeling agencies and Models
Event Coordinators
TV Personalities