Customer Service

Customer Service Etiquette & Protocol Training

Business Card Etiquette
Making and Responding to Introductions
Honorifics and Rank
Remembering Names
Eye Signals and Body Language
Conversational Skills
Electronic Communication and Telephone Communication (incl. Email)
Corp. Guide for International Cultures
How much service is enough?
Customer Expectations
How to Deal with Difficult issues

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A fine compliment and the "perfect marriage" to your etiquette and protocol training. Enhance your etiquette skills through experiencing expert training on the fine details of body language, communication, public speaking, voice training and more.  Bring your self-presentation skills to a whole other level!

Who Should Attend

“On the Road” Sales Representatives
Boutique Managers and Sales Representatives.
Hotel Management & Staff
Airline Management & Staff
Telephone Customer Service Employees
Restaurant Management & Staff
Financial Institution Managers and Employees