Wait Staff

Wait Staff Etiquette & Protocol Training

Managerial Duties
Room Set Up (1st impressions, layout, organizational tips)
Cleaning and Tear Down
Dining Room Safety
Sanitation and Cleanliness
Place Setting
Reservations (How to, and considerations)
Greeting and Seating Etiquette
Tray Handling
Service Etiquette (Ladies or whom first?)
Dining Etiquette Customer Silent Service Codes
Proper Service by Chapter (I: Intro, 2: Taking the order, 3: Meal Service, 4: Desert and Check Handling)
Dish-ware and Meal Service
Beverage and Glassware Basics (cocktail terms, water service, coffee & tea service, wine terminology optional)
Suggesting verses Recommending
Challenging Guests Do's and Don'ts (etiquette while interacting with clients, inebriated guests, and celebrities)
Dealing with Mishaps
Etiquette to Wine Service
Basics to Wine Pairing

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A fine compliment and the "perfect marriage" to your etiquette and protocol training. Enhance your etiquette skills through experiencing expert training on the fine details of body language, communication, public speaking, voice training and more.  Bring your self-presentation skills to a whole other level!

Who Should Attend

Restaurant Management & Staff
Hotel Management & Staff
Airline Attendant Management & Staff
Event Coordinators