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Ms.Eyring, Owner: Protocol School of Washington & Ms Kosik, rah's founder
Ms. Nancy Kosik & Mr. Robert Hickey, Author, Honor & Respect
Wherever you may be nkAIPE brings your catered dining training to you
Omar Al Shamsi, Deputy Chief of Mission at the UAE Embassy and Ms. Kosik
T. Birkbeck, producer, S. Karnick, Announcer & N. Kosik - CBC radio
Nancy Kosik: CBC radio interview. Consultation on host and guest duties
DINING etiq. at selected restaurants for an ultimate experience (Fino)
ABC Gala Staff training at the Montreal Children's Hospital amphitheatre
Comity members of the Childrens Hospital Foundation at the ABC Gala
Nancy Kosik and Tracey McKee at CJAD. Interview on youth etiquette
Volunteers trained by nkaipe alongside Quebec's Premier Jean Charest